Danmission works to encourage the Danish population to take part in and contribute to our work in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and in Denmark.

Danmission works to encourage the Danish population to take part in and contribute to our work. We currently have around 8,000 supporters in Denmark. Some contribute as volunteers, some support us as paying members and some contribute to our work through donations. In our communication and fundraising work, we are focusing on creating a strong brand and recruiting new supporters and volunteers, as well as influencing the public agenda and political decision makers through press work.

Danmission can only run our programmes in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, and in Denmark, because of the support we get from foundations, partners, members, volunteers, and from the Danish government. It is of great importance that Danmission communicates the results that we are achieving together with our partners.

Danmission’s communications department is focusing on the following groups and activities in our effort to get as many people interested and involved in Danmission’s work as possible:

  • Individual members
  • Individual contributors
  • Advocacy activities
  • Lecturing
  • Magazine and book publishing
  • Websites
  • Events and activities
  • Social media


Target groups

Our primary target group is people aged 50+ who have some relationship with the Christian faith or church life.

Our secondary target group is younger people (13-35 years) who have some relationship with the Christian faith or church life.

Danmission is rooted in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, known as the Danish Folkekirken (or The Church of Denmark, or Danish National Church).

However, Danmission cooperates with all factions of The Church of Denmark, and has a similarly wide support base among the broader Danish population.

Danmission can be described as:

  • A missionary movement that is democratically structured with an open membership, organised into communities, districts and dioceses
  • A grassroots organisation/movement with its own charity shops, network activities and friendship connections