Danmission has a zero-tolerance policy on corruption – we simply do not accept it. Neither do we accept any inappropriate behaviour towards any individual involved in our work.

Suspicion or complaint

– let us know


Can you prove that corruption or sexual misconduct is taking place? Or do you have a suspicion? Then please contact Danmission.

Your inquiry is treated confidentially and with great respect for the person who is complaining and the person/organisation that the complaint is mentioning.

We do not accept anonymous complaints.



Corruption is a major obstacle to democracy and the rule of law and we see it as part of our mission to fight corruption.

Danmission is entrusted with funds from private donors, taxpayers, international and bilateral donors. With these funds we hold a great responsibility to avoid corruption and to secure that the funds we manage are spent correctly and transparently and reaches the intended beneficiaries.


Anti-corruption policy and Code of Conduct

Through Danmission’s anti-corruption policy and Code of Conduct and supplementary e-learning course Danmission is committed to ensuring and supporting behavior and work ethics characterized by the highest standards of personal and organizational integrity, both internally in Danmission and externally among our many different partners in Denmark and abroad.

All Danmission employees, interns, volunteers, contracted external consultants and staff in partner organisations must adhere to Danmission’s anti-corruption policy and Code of Conduct as a part of their involvement with Danmission.

The anti-corruption policy and Code of Conduct includes codes of conduct on corruption, sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.


Anti-corruption focal points

Danmission offers training, advice and support to our partner organisations on anti-corruption. Our anti-corruption focal points at country level are responsible for training and acts as local advisors on anti-corruption.


Training, information and monitoring

All Danmission employees and partner organisations have signed the Danmission anti-corruption policy and code of conduct and participated in the Danmission interactive e-learning course on anti-corruption. All trainings are followed up by a capacity development plan focusing on the local context and challenges. In addition, Danmission conducts regular monitoring trips and financial reviews.


Types of complaints

Danmission wants to improve the quality of our work. Therefore, we are open to all complaints about:


  • Our work in Denmark
  • Implementation of projects, Danmission supports or implements in partner countries
  • Behaviour of Danmission staff or staff supported by Danmission donations
  • Behaviour of Danmission volunteers

All internal employment conditions like salary level, working area etc. will not be handled within this system. These types of complaints will be dealt with via the relevant channels.


Complaints handling system

All complaints must be submitted through the complaints handling system, which is managed at Danmission Headquarters where only two designated people have immediate access to the system.

Danmission is committed to confidentiality around any case of real or suspected corruption.


No anonymous complaints

Danmission does not accept anonymous complaints. It is possible for safety reasons to complain through someone else, thus staying anonymous to the third-party complaints handler but being known to the “mediator”.

A complaint can be made by anyone who is concerned that a staff member has breached policies including having engaged in sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment of a person in concern.

Danmission guarantees that no complainant will be met by retaliation from Danmission for filing a complaint.


False accusations

A staff member or a partner organisation, who purposely makes false accusations about another staff member or organisation, will be subject to disciplinary action (warning/dismissal).


Disciplinary and/or legal action

Depending on the result of the investigation conducted based on the received compliant disciplinary and/or legal action can or will be taken.


Definitions of corruption and sexual exploitation

Danmission defines corruption as the misuse of entrusted power for personal (or organizational) gain.

Definition of sexual exploitation: any actual or attempted abuse of a position of vulnerability, differential power or trust, for sexual purposes, including, but not limited to, profiting financially, sexually or politically from the sexual exploitation of another[1].

Definition of sexual abuse: the actual or threatened physical intrusion of a sexual nature, including inappropriate touching, by force or under unequal or coercive conditions[2].

Definition of sexual harassment, intimidation and discrimination: any unwelcome comment or behavior that is offensive, demeaning, humiliating, derogatory, or any other inappropriate behavior that fails to respect the dignity of an individual[3].



Tobias Lilleøre Hougaard
Controller and Complaints Handler

[1] United Nations Secretary General’s Bulletin 2003/13, 9 October 2003; Special Measures for Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

[2] United Nations Secretary General’s Bulletin 2003/13, 9 October 2003; Special Measures for Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse