Danmission is working with more than 50 different partners in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and in Denmark - read about our approach to partnership.

Partnership approach to our Poverty Reduction Programme

Mobilising community-based structures to represent their own affairs is an important part of Danmission’s work. Through capacity building, and the empowerment of men and women with regard to their human, civil and legal rights, Danmission supports partner organisations, CBOs and communities to take part in networks aimed at pursuing specific advocacy issues at the relevant decision-making level.

Emphasis is given to:

  • Pursuing methodologies that enable partners and rights-holders to analyse rights gaps and to claim access to rights according to the provisions of law
  • Supporting partners and CSOs in continuing to actively initiate and engage in networks
  • Supporting the development of capacity building and advocacy tools, including best practices, to work with clusters of CSOs and the possibility of applying the methodologies and tools to other partners both nationally and internationally
  • Incorporating advocacy strategies for CSOs at local level and developing methods for measuring the impact and sustainability of advocacy activities
  • Supporting partners’ capacity to develop specific strategies and methodologies that ensure local inclusion, accountability and community-based monitoring
  • Developing the capacity of local duty-bearers to ensure participatory decision-making processes


Partnership approach to our Church and Dialogue programme

Partnerships form a central part of the Church and Dialogue department’s working methods and are motivated by the need for accompaniment in life and in mission, which is a need for partners abroad as well as for Danmission. Recognising and cherishing mutuality is central to partnerships and requires diligent work and attention from the staff in our department.

Danmission works through strategic partnerships and in international networks. A strategic partnership is a formal agreement to cooperate for a limited time in order to support historic partnerships and/or realise Danmission’s strategic goals. Networking has gained importance both as a broader expression of accompaniment (i.e. ecumenical relationship) but also because it relates to the increasingly complex nature of issues facing partners and Danmission alike. Networking also involves relationships between Danmission’s partners, with the intention of sharing knowledge and experience.
The criteria for engaging in international networks is primarily that Danmission and our partners have something to contribute, and that the networks help to equip Danmission’s partners and realise strategic goals.


Meet some of Danmission´s partners: