Danmission have been a part of the DAPP programme funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2011. DAPP is a Danish cooperation programme focusing on strengthening dialogue, partnerships and mutual understanding between Denmark and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region).

The DAPP has since 2003 been a central pillar of Danish foreign policy in relation to the MENA region and since 2011 Danmission has been among the 11 Danish strategic partners to receive support from the programme through the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Danmission’s DAPP-funded interventions are aimed at enhancing the role of interreligious and intercultural dialogue as an integral factor in promoting mutual understanding, social cohesion and peace-building within and between Arab and Danish societies. Danmission’s programme builds on objectives related to dialogue, reconciliation and political participation in the development of local and national society. Danmission currently works with partners and projects in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.

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How we work

Dialogue is needed
Intercultural citizenship and right-based societies
Youth and women
Long-term cooperation


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