Danmission have been a part of the DAPP programme funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2011. DAPP is a Danish cooperation programme focusing on strengthening dialogue, partnerships and mutual understanding between Denmark and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region).

The DAPP has since 2003 been a central pillar of Danish foreign policy in relation to the MENA region and since 2011 Danmission has been among the 11 Danish strategic partners to receive support from the programme through the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Danmission’s DAPP-funded interventions are aimed at enhancing the role of interreligious and intercultural dialogue as an integral factor in promoting mutual understanding, social cohesion and peace-building within and between Arab and Danish societies. Danmission’s programme builds on objectives related to dialogue, reconciliation and political participation in the development of local and national society. Danmission currently works with partners and projects in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.

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DAPP Projects

The specific programme initiatives cover a wide range of activities, including: leadership training in interreligious understanding, interfaith education for intercultural citizenship, conferences for religious leaders, youth encounters and youth training, and the empowerment of women in religious institutions.

Leaders for Interreligious Understanding (LIU)

LIU is a program reaching out to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Denmark. Since 2011 more than 100 young leaders in various professional fields like journalists, artists, civil society leaders and religious leaders have been educated in management of religious diversity. In 2015 the toolkit “Fostering social resilience against extremism” was produced as a part of the LIU.
Partners: FDCD (Syria/Lebanon), Adyan (Lebanon), CEOSS (Egypt) and RIIFS (Jordan).

Interfaith Education for Intercultural Citizenship in the Arab World (IIC)

The aim of the project is to promote intercultural and inclusive understanding of the concept of citizenship. A network of religious leaders and experts representing various religious institutions in Lebanon, are working together to create a handbook on citizenship for use in schools in Lebanon.
Partner: Adyan (Lebanon)

Syrian Youth Encounter (SYE) 2014-2016

The aim of SYE is to build bridges and relations between young religious and society leaders, and to support local initiatives implemented across religious and political differences in Syria. Through workshops and training, participants gain skills in dialogue and conflict management and become equipped to set-up their own local initiatives.
Partners: FDCD (Syria/Lebanon) and Mobaderoon (Syria)

Syrian Leaders

The project aims at having religious leaders, politicians and civil society leaders to play a pro-active role in promoting peace and reconciliation in Syria; a peace that respects religious plurality and builds on the mutual bonds of equality in citizenship. The project engages religious leaders from Syria specifically as they hold a crucial opportunity to promote peace versus instigate hate.
Partner: FDCD (Syria/Lebanon)

Christians and Other Minorities in the Arab World

The initiative builds on a pilot project in 2014 on identifying Christian and minority needs and wishes in light of the changes in the Arab world. By raising awareness and debate on the situation of minorities in MENA, the aim is to move towards full citizenship of minorities in the Arab countries. A regional conference on how minorities are portrayed in school curricula were held in 2016.
Partner: Al-Quds Center for Political Studies (Jordan)

Spoken Word

The project is a combined research, training and lobbying initiative. First step is research, in order to follow what is actually being preached by both Muslim and Christians leaders in time of war.
Partners: FDCD (Syria/Lebanon) and Mobaderoon (Syria)

How we work

Dialogue is needed
Intercultural citizenship and right-based societies
Youth and women
Long-term cooperation


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