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Danmission's strategy for our work on church development and dialogue has three main areas of operation: theological education, Christian witness and dialogue


The strategic goals of Danmission’s work on church development and dialogue outline the areas of work which the Church & Dialogue programme will give specific priority to over the next five years.

  1. Danmission seeks to provide active “building blocks” in the field of contextual theology through support for basic theological education, the production of local texts and pedagogical training of teachers in theology.
  2. Danmission pays special attention to Christian witness as we want to share inspiring and uplifting stories and practices of faith in Jesus Christ both within a foreign setting and among our partners in Denmark. Although the implications of being a witness of Christ can be seen in almost everything we do, we use this category strategically within church development and diakonia.
  3. Danmission is engaged in the field of dialogue both where dialogue aims to build, create and construct something together with people from different faiths, and in its more reactive aspect, where it seeks to prevent conflict from taking place, or build bridges after a conflict has occurred. In the coming strategic period, Danmission will continue to consolidate activities in which local partners are strengthened to engage in interreligious matters, will seek to engage in dialogue for peace and community building, and will also build capacities on how to address, implement and evaluate transformation and reconciliation projects in post-conflict communities.



Strategi for Danmissions kirke- og dialogarbejde