Syria: Providing humanitarian aid

Syria: Providing humanitarian aid

Danmission provide humanitarian assistance and promote dialogue and peacebuilding in Syria. We believe both areas of work are indispensable when helping the Syrian people.

In Syria, Danmission provide humanitarian assistance and promote dialogue work. We believe that the link between these two ways of working is essential to help the Syrian people regain both the strength and the tools to rebuild their country and live peacefully together in a society based on human rights and diversity.


Humanitarian assistance

Since 2011, the conflict in Syria has caused millions of Syrians to flee their homes. Many have fled the country, but millions remain internally displaced inside Syria. Danmission deliver humanitarian aid such as food, clothing, medicine and school equipment to several areas in Syria.

The assistance has been achieved in cooperation with our partner organisation Forum for Development, Culture and Dialogue (FDCD). Together we aim to combine the humanitarian aid with psycho-social support for children and youth, who have been affected by the war. The children do not only need food and shelter, but also tools to process their experiences during the war. They also need skills to face a life after the war. Here, they will represent an important group of Syrian citizens who face the challenge of rebuilding the shattered nation.

Danmission also work with the Greek Orthodox Church in Wadi al-Nasara (The Christian Valley). Since 2014, Danmission have supported the Church’s relief work with internally displaced people and provided food kits, medicine, shelter and school materials to Syrians who have fled their homes.


Dialogue and reconciliation

In addition to humanitarian assistance, Danmission support numerous activities focusing on dialogue and reconciliation. In Syria, there is a strong need for dialogue at all levels, as part of the current peace and reconciliation work and in the long term as part of rebuilding the country. Dialogue is an essential part of leading Syria out of the war and to foster peaceful coexistence.


Danmission work to strengthen Syrian religious leaders (both Christian and Muslim), experts, politicians and civil society activists to promote reconciliation, prevent extremism and participate in initiatives that promote peace and coexistence in Syria. We also work with regional initiatives that empower young activists and professionals to develop campaigns to address extremist views, especially on social media. Danmission also train young people in managing religious diversity and creating social resilience against extremism in their communities in Syria and neighbouring countries.