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Local people and local economies rely heavily on the existence and availability of renewable natural resources, arable land, fish stocks, biodiversity, forest and wetlands. At the same time, the use and availability of these resources is being seriously affected by multi-dimensional human activities at the international, national and local level, intensifying and underpinning the fight for access to ever scarcer natural resources.

Emphasis is given to:

  • Promoting land distribution reforms, with specific attention to women’s rights to own and inherit land
  • Supporting partners and CSOs to network and conduct advocacy at higher government levels aimed at preventing land grabbing and illegal logging
  • Supporting local structures that track public expenditure on land distribution
  • Promoting agricultural techniques, improved crops and irrigation systems that are resistant to climate change
  • Providing skills training in sustainable, organic agricultural methods
  • Promoting job creation in communities through support to small- and medium-sized enterprises working in food processing
  • Supporting CSOs in their advocacy work for a relevant and professional government extension service
  • Combining advocacy on access to resources, especially including land and markets

Danmission supported the ground-breaking Land Justice Conference 2013 in Tanzania, the first conference in Tanzania to make recommendations on land justice issues and laws that were accepted by government.