Danmission has had a presence in Myanmar since 2007 working on poverty reduction and strengthening peaceful coexistence and dialogue across ethnicities and beliefs in Myanmar. We also educate and capacity build Christian churches in Myanmar.

Why does Danmission work in Myanmar?

Freedom of religion is under pressure in Myanmar. In 2014, nationalist Buddhist monks (in cooperation
with the government) produced a bill aimed at protecting Buddhists, who are the country’s ethnic and religious majority. The proposal means that an interreligious marriage could only take place if there were no public objections, and if both the local authorities and the girl’s parents gave permission. The bill does not apply to Buddhist men. Furthermore, if you wanted to convert from Buddhism to another religion in the future, this would require regulatory approval. Nearly 200 national and international organisations, including Danmission and our partners, have objected to this controversial bill.

More than 100,000 people are still displaced from their homes and living in camps in Kachin State under very difficult conditions.