Kaw Mai, Finance and Programme Coordinator, Judson Research Center

Kaw Mai, Finance and Programme Coordinator, Judson Research Center

In Myanmar, Danmission is working on religious dialogue in partnership with the Judson Research Center.

Why are you working in partnership with Danmission?

Because we value the same things and we are trying to promote dialogue between people from different backgrounds. We are two organisations on the same journey, striving for a just peace in Myanmar. We receive not only financial support from Danmission but also technical guidance, advice and we have a close relationship with Danmission dialogue consultant Agnete Holm. Danmission never tries to tell the Judson Research Center (JRC) what to do but rather helps and supports us in the issues we think it important to focus on.

 What have your organisation and Danmission achieved together?

Building trust and networking and establishing partnerships with people and institutions from different religious backgrounds. Together we have also gained acknowledgement from leading Christian organisations (e.g. the Myanmar Baptist Convention, Myanmar Council of Churches and many more local churches). JRC is acknowledged as a resource centre for Interfaith Dialogue Studies and we are the only organisation offering academic studies in Interfaith Dialogue (Master of Arts in Interfaith Dialogue).

What future plans do you have for your organisation’s work with Danmission?

We have multiple plans for the future. We want to continue being a resource centre for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue and, at the same time, educate our staff. We want to continue fostering relations with other organisations, networks and like-minded individuals, centres and partners, both locally and internationally.

We want to continue to promote awareness of the importance of Interfaith Studies and Dialogue as a tool that can be used in every layer of society.



The Judson Research Center is part of the Myanmar Institute of Theology, which is also working with Danmission. Danmission started working in Myanmar in 2007, with a focus on poverty reduction, church development and religious dialogue.

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