Johnson Mbillah, general advisor, PROCMURA

Johnson Mbillah, general advisor, PROCMURA

In Africa, Danmission works in partnership with PROCMURA to support Christian-Muslim relations.

What have Danmission and Procmura achieved together?

Procmura has been supporting the project since the very start when Danmission’s sewing school, known as Upendo, was founded in Zanzibar, with Christian and Muslim women working together.

Both Procmura and Danmission are focusing on the fact that religion should not be seen as a factor obstructing development. To create development, however, you need peace. This is why it is important to create cooperation and collaboration between Christians and Muslims and to address issues that are of common interest to them. Our philosophy is the same as Danmission’s, for we usually say that peace and development are twins. You cannot have one without the other, and this is what Danmission and Procmura have been able to build on and achieve on a very large scale in our understanding.

What future plans do Promcuma and Danmission share? 

We think that we can strengthen our work in Madagascar and the Middle East. We want to try to work together to confront radicalisation and violent extremism but also to be able to share information with each other. Since the world we live in is an interdependent one, we have to rely on each other to succeed. That is how we see the future. This is a journey we are embarking on together. We are not walking alone because then we would not able to go very far. If you walk with others, you can walk much further without getting tired and exhausted.


Danmission and PROCMURA are working together in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Madagascar and the Middle East. The partnership began in 1984.

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