Danmission has had a presence in India for the past 150 years, working on church development, poverty reduction and religious dialogue through a longstanding partnership with the Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC).

Why does Danmission work in India?

India achieved annual economic growth of 5.6% in 2013/2014, and fewer Indians now live below the country’s poverty line. On the other hand, the average wage is only a modest 2,000 USD per year, most of the population live without access to toilets, and women are still largely under-represented in the elected assemblies. Over half of India’s more than 375 million children fail to complete primary school, and the country has the largest number of child labourers in the world. This despite the fact that the government has banned child labour and decided that all Indian children have the right to attend primary school.

In Tamilnadu, in southern India, where Danmission is supporting work, the population is around 90% Hindu, 6% Christian and 4% Muslim. This mix of religions calls for much-needed dialogue between the groups in order to to avoid conflict and discrimination. Danmission’s partner, the Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC), has a great responsibility to strengthen this dialogue and a huge task in terms of giving and being a Christian witness in the area.




In India, Danmission is working with the Arcot Lutheran Church, which was established in 1863 with support from the Danish mission. We are also working with UTC-Bangalore in Karnataka, BTESSC – Board of Theological Education, Serampore Senate College, United Evangelical Lutheran Church and NELC – North Evangelical Lutheran Church. We also support and are in a partnership with  Quo Vadis Interfaith Dialogue in Tiruvannamalai.