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Rev. Dr. Hadi Ghantous, Syrian pastor in Lebanon

Rev. Dr. Hadi Ghantous, Syrian pastor in Lebanon

Danmission has for many years had a close partnership and friendship with Hadi Ghantous, working on religious dialogue, contextual theology and partnership between churches.

Why are you in partnership with Danmission?

For the Christian Church in the Middle East, it is very important to be in partnership with Danmission, which has a long history of work in the Middle East and has helped to shape and create the church there. Through the Christian Church in the Middle East, Western churches can gain a better understanding of what it is like to live alongside Muslims. At the same time, we who live in the Middle East gain a better understanding of the West, and are inspired to shape our church in new ways.


Partnership between churches

Rev. Hadi Ghantous, pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Minyara, Lebanon and Leif Mikkelsen, pastor at Helligåndskirken in Copenhagen, Denmark are Hadi og Leif Helligåndskirken redigeretworking closely together to create a strong partnership between the Church in Denmark and the Church in the Middle East.

“A friendship between two churches in two different countries is a way of building a bridge that can give us a better understanding of each other. We can learn from each other. The Danish Church can learn from us what it is like to live alongside Muslims,” says Hadi Ghantous.

Danmission is supporting the friendship between the two churches.