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Danmission works in the cross-cutting field of dialogue, conflict resolution, peace-building and its interface with poverty reduction. A peaceful and tolerant society is a precondition for economic, cultural and political development. Dialogue cuts across Danmission’s core strategies, which include capacity building of churches, theological education, interreligious relations, strengthening of civil society and improving the living conditions of the vulnerable and marginalised. Dialogue, in Danmission’s terminology, is a fundamental approach, a relational process and way of life which forms the basis for sound relationships between individuals as well as between social or religious groups. Conflicts over ethnic or cultural identity and the unjust distribution of resources impede a strong and independent civil society. Peace-building is instrumental in building capacities and enhancing mutual understanding, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Emphasis is placed on:

  • Dialogue work targeting cultural, religious, ethnic and natural resource management conflicts
  • Promoting peace and building conflict resolution through community mobilisation
  • Training formal and moral leaders and informal mediation and intervention structures in conflict resolution and peace-building
  • Providing civic education to communities and CSOs on ways of reducing gender-based violence