Danmission has had a presence in Bangladesh since 1922, supporting churches, community development, land legislation and improving the living conditions of marginalised and vulnerable groups.

Why does Danmission work in Bangladesh?

Although Bangladesh is one of the world’s poorest countries, it is experiencing rapid development due to clothing and rice exports, increasing urbanisation and positive developments within education and health.

This increasing industrialisation is, however, largely sustained by the extensive exploitation of cheap labour and by over-exploitation of the country’s natural resources.
Increasing urbanisation in Bangladesh, whereby increasing numbers are migrating to the cities for work and education, means that the capital Dhaka is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.
Unfortunately, the country is still characterised by political instability and conflicts involving repeated general strikes, so-called hartals which prevent development and momentum.
Traditionally, Bangladesh has not been affected by extremism and religious unrest to the same extent as, for example, Pakistan but, in recent years, Islamic groups have begun to cooperate with the political opposition on the political agenda.



In Bangladesh Danmission is working with Bangladesh Lutheran Church and the organization SUPOTH that was founded by Bangladesh Lutheran Mission-Danish (BLM-D), Bangladesh Lutheran Church (BLC) and The Christian Reformed World Relief Comittee (CRWC) in 1991 with financial support from Danida.