Karakoram and Danmission sign ‘Innovation-for-Good’ Partnership

Karakoram and Danmission sign ‘Innovation-for-Good’ Partnership

British developmental innovation agency Karakoram and 200-year-old Danish NGO Danmission have today jointly signed an MOU securing a long term partnership in seeking technology-led solutions to global challenges.

Karakoram is an award-winning developmental innovation consultancy that applies the methodologies and tools used by growth incubators and digital creative agencies to solve global challenges. Karakoram primarily works with NGOs, intergovernmental organisations, and national governments, believing that technology, strategy, and design can help solve the worlds most challenging problems.

This Innovation partnership will enable Karakoram to apply its technical and strategic experience to support Danmissions goals in peacebuilding, coexistence, and interfaith dialogue globally. Together, Karakoram and Danmission share a single goal: real impact for people and systems.

Line Ramsdal, Regional Director, Middle East & North Africa at Danmission, comments on the partnership.

“Danmission has been working with peacebuilding and social cohesion for decades, but in cooperation with Karakoram we now have a unique opportunity to explore innovative methods and technical solutions to better create sustainable impact for people around the world.”

The first joint project between Karakoram and Danmission will be an innovative data analytics and visualisation platform that will analyse and visualise near-real time peacefulness indexes in Lebanon, monitoring the impact of current and future Danmission interventions in the country.

Commenting on the partnership, Karakoram founder Josh Thomas says, “We are truly honoured to work both downstream and alongside Danmission in order to build the tools, platforms, and solutions needed to further their ambitious goals towards a better world.”

About Karakoram:

Karakoram is a global award-winning developmental innovation consultancy that mixes engineering, design and strategy to seek technology-led solutions for the worlds toughest challenges. We use rapid prototyping and Agile production methods to create physical and digital platforms, organisational design, experimental policy, and tech-for-good.

About Danmission:

Danmission is a 200-year-old faith-based organisation supporting interreligious dialogue, peacebuilding, civil society development and innovation across 12 partner countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Danmission work systematically on integrating innovation and PeaceTech in our work streams. Our overall vision is to ‘promote SUSTAINABLE EXISTENCE – for a world people can live in and PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE – for a world people can live in together’.


Name: Josh Thomas – Founder & Head of Innovation
Email: press@karakoram.co
Web: https://karakoram.co

Name: Line Stange Ramsdal – Regional Director, Middle East & North Africa at Danmission
Email: lra@danmission.dk
Web: https://danmission.dk