Lebanon: Danmission's partners help in Beirut

Lebanon: Danmission's partners help in Beirut

Danmission's partners provide assistance to the bereaved in the ruins of Beirut on many levels: Some need food, others need help rebuilding their destroyed homes.

On 4 August, Beirut’s residents experienced the third most powerful explosion in world history: A huge warehouse with explosive ammonium nitrate at the port exploded and destroyed large parts of the city.

It is estimated that 180 people died, that more than 6,500 people were injured – and that about 300,000 people have lost their homes in the fatal accident.

Danmission’s long-term partners in Lebanon have responded quickly and started a number of humanitarian emergency response initiatives. Among other things, Danmission has sent financial support to Adyan, FDCD and CPS, who through their networks of volunteers e.g. distribute gift cards to supermarkets, help restore buildings, provide financial assistance to the needy, offer emergency crisis assistance, distribute food, water, protective equipment against Covid-19, etc.

No authorities provide assistance

It is appreciated – and unfortunately also necessary: in the absence of a functional state and the total absence of any kind of assistance from the authorities, the work of civil society organizations is presently absolutely crucial.

The explosion came as yet another disaster in a country already suffering from a very severe economic crisis, extreme devaluation of the local currency, increasing poverty and an unsustainable political situation.

Furthermore, the number of corona-infected is rising explosively, the country is in lockdown and without the necessary hospital capacity.

Danmission’s employees are physically unharmed

Danmission’s office and the regional representative’s home have suffered material damage but thank God, all employees are physically unharmed.

Already before the explosion, the plan was to move Danmission’s regional office to another district. The premises in question are unfortunately also damaged after the explosion, so currently, Danmission is trying to find another solution for the future. Danmission employees in Beirut work at home indefinitely due to the corona lockdown.

Gratitude for money and prayers

As unmanageable the consequences of the explosion are – just as much the Lebanese need our support. Emergency response is progressing – but slowly.

Our partners tell us that they are grateful for all the financial help they have received so far – and for all the prayers that churches, congregations and individuals formulate with them in mind.

Kindly support Danmission’s work so that our partners in Lebanon can provide the necessary assistance to those affected in Beirut: SUPPORT here.