New Initiatives from Danmission due to Corona Virus and Covid-19

The consequences of the global spread of the corona virus and the Covid-19 disease continue to grow at great speed, and obviously we are already seeing consequences for Danmission’s work and economy.

None of Danmission’s partners around the world remain unaffected by the situation, and even here the consequences grow deeper day by day. One country after another is closing down, and our partners have to stop their activities and begin to look at, how they can contribute to the necessary crisis management. Consequently, at Danmission we receive an increasing number of requests for new support, postponement, or re-scheduling of projects. At Danmision we clearly see the need for us to acknowledge the new reality for our partners, support their concrete initiatives, and provide the necessary assistance to make sure that they remain operational even after the current crisis. Currently, we spend a lot of time on these questions.

The corona crisis has also resulted in a temporary repatriation of all our posted staff except for one regional representative, who has remained at his international post. Therefore, most of the coordination with partners is handled from Denmark.

Also, we continue to face serious consequences for Danmission’s 72 second hand stores around the country, which form our single most important source of income. All shops have been closed for business since March 16, and they will remain closed at least until Aprl 30 – and perhaps longer. This means a loss of revenue for Danmission of app. 1 million Danish kroner per week (app. USD 140.000), but it also means a loss of the very important daily fellowship for more than 2000 volunteers, who put their heart and many hours in running the shops. Many of these volunteers are elderly and therefore at a higher risk of facing severe complications, if they contract the corona virus. Their safety is our greatest concern, and consequently we will keep our shops closed for some time to come.

Altogether, the current situation means that the Danmission management has decided to execute a number of measures to reduce the economic and organizational consequences for Danmission:

  • 24 staff members have been sent off on temporary leave and will not perform their duties until June 9. They will receive their full salary, while Danmission can apply for partial salary compensation from one the new state funds that have been introduced due to the corona crisis.
  • Danmission will also apply for compensation for fixed costs from one of the other emergency funds that have been introduced by the government.
  • We will continue our dialogue with landlords and property owners in order to reduce or postpone rental costs for our second hand shops. We are grateful for the positive response, which we have seen from many sides.
  • We will intensify our fundraising activities towards both private and collective donors in churches and other support groups. Danmission has many loyal supporters, and we hope they will consider special donations in this period.
  • We will look into developing new and innovative ways of raising funds and generating income from various activities.
  • We will look into postponing or cancelling certain activities either for practical reasons or health and safety reasons, if this can relieve the economic situation.

All these initiatives will have consequences at many levels: not only will it mean cancellation or postponement of planned activities, but our general response time will also be longer. We are confident that everybody will bear with this, until the situation has normalized.

Those staff members who have not been sent off on temporary leave, will continue to perform their duties from their home office, and they can be reached via e-mail, telephone, and skype as always.

Questions from international partners can be directed to Kirsten Auken, Programme Director, at or +45 41 999 318.

Other questions including press inquiries can be directed to Michael Trinskjaer, Communications Director, at or +45 41 999 321.