Danmission launches huge platform for interreligious dialogue

Danmission launches huge platform for interreligious dialogue

The monk from Myanmar, the NGO-volunteer in Beirut and the Scandinavian scout leader. Everyone can from now on access Danmission's gold mine of interreligious dialogue exercises, gathered, categorized and designable for professional workshop courses at dialoguetoolbox.com.

“One thing is to establish a contact with someone else. But to create an environment that fosters dialogue, is the most crucial thing”.

So says danish Medine Duvarci, who has received training in interreligious dialogue and understanding through the LIU-program offered by Danmission and our partner organization FDCD in Lebanon and Syria.

From today she and others, who daily or occasionally facilitate dialogue between people of different faiths, can visit and seek support at dialoguetoolbox.com. Here they will find hundreds of dialogue exercises that are well-proven and well-written by experienced dialogue facilitators from Danmission and our partner organizations in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


A webshop with free products

Dialoguetoolbox.com is designed as a regular webshop where “customers” fill their shopping bags – or more precisely their toolbox’ – with dialogue exercises. The site is supported by the Danish Arab Partnership Program (DAPP) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Network for Religion and Development under the Danish Mission Council Development Department (DMCDD). All exercises, that are placed in the toolbox and can be printed as full workshop courses, are therefore free.

“In Danmission we have almost 200 years of experience with dialogue. It may be that the term dialogue didn’t exist at the time the first missionaries traveled abroad, but we have always had to communicate and build good relationships with people of other faith and culture”, says theologian and dialogue consultant at Danmission Agnete Holm and continues:

“Tools and methods for the work of theology and development are widespread through for example the UN and the World Bank. However, solid methods for dialogue work and an available collection of well-written, quality-assured exercises have been a shortcoming for many years. That is why we took action on the developing dialoguetoolbox.com and therefore we are particularly proud today, where the tools become available to many more than the few experts who have so far facilitated constructive conversations between, for example, Christians and Muslim leaders.

Listen to Medine and Agnete tell about dialogue

Medine Duvarci was born and raised in Denmark but named after the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia to which her Turkish grandparents traveled as pilgrims at the time she was born. She presents herself as a Muslim by culture and a spiritual person who finds both personal and professional incentives in the field of interreligious dialogue.

In the video below she explains why interreligious dialogue needs facilitation.

And then listen to Agnete Holm, Danmissions most experienced dialog facilitator, sharing what dialogue means to her personally: