"Voices of the scripture" – the words of the Bible around the world

"Voices of the scripture" – the words of the Bible around the world

Get a visit to your parish by a theologian from the real world, and become more aware of how the Bible is read and understood in other cultures. The theologians are invited due to the Reformation Anniversary.

Freedom – What does freedom really mean? Here in Denmark freedom to most of us means to get off the rat race, our various obligations, and the stress, to find a nice spot in the sun and relax.

Freedom is freedom from something. Something that binds us and limits us. In Denmark, there is a lot of bustle and stress that limits. In Myanmar, the state places restrictions on people’s freedom. In Lebanon there is insecurity and refugee flows, and in Cameroon, among other issues, it is poverty and climate change.

Therefore, freedom is also understood differently around the world. In addition, Christian freedom, as we meet it in the Bible, is understood differently. However, in the differences there is inspiration to be found.

This diversity is in focus on the “Voices of the Scripture – The Words of the Bible around the World” project. The Voices of the Scripture is a collaboration between Danmission, the Bible Society, the Danish Mission Council and the Kirkefondet, which Danmission took the initiative to more than a year ago, and now houses a secretariat for.

On the reformation anniversary, theologians and priests from seven countries come to Denmark this autumn to meet with Danish congregations. Together, guests and Danes will read the Bible and hopefully be enriched by the new meanings of the Word of the Bible that arise during the meetings.

Some dates are still available in the calendar if your church or study group has not yet booked a visit. Book a visit with Birgitte Nørgaard Warming on phone 41 999 315 or email bnw@danmission.dk

See the calendar and read about some of the guests and their experiences in Denmark on our web site www.danmission.dk.