PR and church man Michael Trinskjær employed as new Director of Communication

PR and church man Michael Trinskjær employed as new Director of Communication

Danmission employs new Director of Communication.

As new Director of Danmission´s Communication Department 51-year old Michael Trinskjær from first day in Danmission has kept his focus on contributing to the dissemination of information about Danmission´s work.

”Danmission is not DanChurchAid, and we are not Red Cross either. But work done by Danmission is at least as valuable, and is definitely worth bragging about. As a volunteer, for instance, for Danmission you should be able to identify yourself with the work done by Danmission in the fields of church development, dialogue and poverty reduction around the world, but at the same time, we should make certain that the task of each volunteer suits the individual volunteer”.

It is for Michael Trinskjær in other words very very important to tie activities and staff abroad and activities and staff at home even better together than they are already, and to create legitimate pride in Danmission among the volunteers. A pride that will be reflected in the volunteer network, and will strengthen Danmission in its competition, with other charity organisations, for future volunteers and future privately raised funds.

From Skovlunde Church to Honduras and then to Danmission

As partner in a public relations and communications agency Michael Trinskjær for the last 13 years has advised public as well as private companies and organisations in strategic communication. However, Michael Trinskjær´s recent employment as Director of Communication in Danmission links back to his childhood in Skovlunde, where both his parents were active in the local church, which of course did not go unnoticed by their son. Michael Trinskjær himself sat in the parish council in Adventskirken (church) in Vanløse, near Copenhagen, Denmark, from year 2000 to 2010.

Danmission´s international work is not foreign to Danmission´s new Director of Communication either, as Michael Trinskjær prior to commencing on his university studies, travelled to Honduras to work as a volunteer in of Central America´s poorest countries. Among the children in a local charity institution he learned to speak Spanish, and later began interpreting for American doctors and dentists in several of Honduras´ makeshift hospitals.

Michael Trinskjær was previously employed as international consultant by The Danish Youth Council (Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd) and Head of Secretariat in Landsforeningen Natur og Ungdom (National Association for Nature and Youth), both in Denmark.

Home base is in Bagsværd

With his wife, Lisbeth Trinskjær, who is principal at Ubberup Højskole (folk school), president of the Folkehøjskolernes Forening (Folk High Schools Association) and KFUK’s Sociale Arbejde (YWCA´s Social Work), Michael Trinskjær has three daughters aged 12, 14 and 20 years respectively. The family lives in Bagsværd, but for the time being without their eldest daughter, who for a year will be working for the Danish Church in Sydney, Australia.