Research Paper: The Image of Christians and the ‘Other’

Research Paper: The Image of Christians and the ‘Other’

New research on the representation of the "religious other" in Arab school curricula has been supported by Danmission. Download the papers and read more here.

Minorities and Arab Curriculum

A two-days conference in Lebanon gathered 70 regional and international experts, and religious and political leaders to discuss how the educational curricula in the Arab World promote or discourage mutual understanding and coexistence among different religious groups. Six countries from the region were represented, namely Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. With knowledge and experiences from each of their home countries the participants contributed to discussions about how to address Christians and other religious minorities’ representation in school curricula in the Arab world.

Research papers

Prior to the conference, five research papers were developed by key experts and religious leaders. The research papers represent the case of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine and were presented during the conference. These five research papers have now been compiled and translated into English.

You can download the research papers and learn from the different cases here.

Interviews with participants

Read interviews with five of the participants from the conference here.


The conference “The Image of Christians and the ‘Other’ in Educational Curricula in the Arab World” was held in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2016. It was organised by Danmission and our Jordanian partner Al-Quds Center for Political Studies.