Praise for Danmission’s Arabian initiatives

Praise for Danmission’s Arabian initiatives

A new review concludes that the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP) has been very successful. This includes Danmission’s dialogue programme ”Leaders for Interreligious Understanding” (LIU), which is supported financially by the DAPP.

The review of the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP) praises the results achieved by the programme. The dual focus on support for democratic reform and a strengthening of the dialogue between Denmark and the region’s countries has proved to be of particular importance. Danmission is a strategic partner of DAPP which, since 2003, has been an integral part of Danish foreign policy and the relations between Denmark and the Middle East/North Africa. Danmission’s work receives special praise in the review.

A number of Danmission initiatives and partnerships in the Middle East are financed through DAPP. The Danmission programme entitled ”Leaders for Interreligious Understanding” is highlighted in the report as a fine example of how to establish regional networks promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue in the region. The review concludes that the broad networks developed by Danmission in the region, and in Denmark, bring people together around a common cause, and have the potential to create lasting positive change in the region.

We at Danmission are very happy to be able to create positive results through DAPP, and are proud that Danmission’s initiatives have been highlighted as good examples of how interreligious dialogue can promote understanding between populations in the Middle East.

Click here to read the entire review, produced by the Danish consulting firm NIRAS in cooperation with the British company Integrity Research.


Since launching DAPP in 2003, the programme has supported initiatives in 11 countries of the Middle East/North Africa region, focusing its support on Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria and Libya. The total sum spent on the programme since 2003 is approx. 1.5 billion Danish kroner. Financial support has gone to four thematic issues: A) human rights; B) good governance; C) equal rights; and D) information society, economic growth and job creation.