Danmission's work is based on Christian faith and our values, vision and mission focus on equality, respect and reciprocity.

Values / vision / mission

Danmission’s work takes its starting point in the Christian faith, the ”whole / holistic” human being, equality, respect and reciprocity.


A closer look at Danmission’s values

Danmission’s work is based on a set of values that underpin all the activities of Danmission’s staff. These values define who we are as well as Danmission’s identity. The following are the values we base our work on:

The Christian faith

Our foundation is the Christian faith, and our desire to share this faith with others.

The ”holistic/whole” individual

It is our fundamental belief that humans have spiritual, mental and material needs that must be fulfilled before we can live a dignified life.


We see all humans as equal regardless of their belief, ethnicity or gender. We reject discrimination.


We respect a person’s inviolability, and their freedom to make decisions regarding their own life.


We wish to participate in equal cooperation with churches and organisations, with both parties giving and receiving equally.

What is Danmission’s vision?

Danmission’s vision is a world that is open to God’s lifegiving, lifesaving and constructive activity, as seen in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

What is Danmission’s mission?

Danmission’s call is to participate in God’s mission through two primary tasks that cannot be combined or separated and which are not interchangeable:

  • To strengthen the Church’s service so that the Gospel is heard and people are rooted in the Christian faith.
  • To serve fellow man and society so that everyone can live a dignified life in peace, in a just society.

The basis for these two tasks lies in our love, which is why our work always relates both to God and man.